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I wrote the book I wanted to read

Updated: May 6, 2020

I was actually ALMOST DONE with another novel before the world changed.

It's called Webcam. And it's based in Key West. And I had a trip all planned to the Keys to fill in some details, pretty it up, and pump some salty sea air into its brand new little lungs.

But, then. Well, you know.

And my trip got canceled.

So, I tried to finish it anyway. But, writing about blending into the crowd of a steamy beach bar just felt...germy and contagious and wrong, right now.

I write contemporary fiction. And to be truly, authentically "contemporary," I need to incorporate the virus.

But, I DID NOT want the virus to be THE THING of the book.

I wanted it to be a haven from the thing we're all dealing with right now.

Right about then, I heard this advice: Write the kind of book you want to read.

And Haven-on-the-Lake was born.

I imagined a place in the world that was spared from all this craziness. A place that isn't socially distanced or wearing masks or getting tested. Where people aren't worrying, wondering, waiting. Or locking themselves in their homes.

A place that's still living life like it was just a few short months ago.

And once I found a way to make that happen...OMG, I couldn't wait to wake up and write everyday! Characters came to life, stories unfolded, a whole world formed.

Ruby Irish became the mayor. And Ruby has a family: Jack and Paul and Georgia and Kade and Declan. Jack adores Ruby. Paul has quirks. Georgia has kids. Kade has a girlfriend. And Declan has a reputation of being a heartbreaker. But, he's so sweet and funny and hot, you'll love him anyway.

From there came Dottie, the sweet, southern belle singer. Frank, the loveable grumpy grandpa. Macy, who comes from "fudge money." And CJ who loves her (but Macy loves Declan).

There's gorgeous Isabella, with a sordid past. And an ongoing feud between the Hansons and the Maxwells. Oh, and we can't forget the handsome pilot who's just finding his way in the world without his wife.

There's also Grace Dawson. The only one NOT from Haven. But she's in the book, too. Because poor Haven can't stay isolated forever.

And yet, they can still take us all away for a while.


Hope you love it as much as I do.

Stay tuned!

Coming very soon...



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