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Thank You...and more to come!

Okay first, I want to thank you profusely with virtual hugs, genuine love, beaming smiles...and even some cold, hard cash, if I had it to spare!

I know how busy life is. And for you to take time out of yours to snuggle in with my little book, well then, that's something to be big-time grateful for.

And to show my gratitude for you, I'm working on fun little bonus material between books for everyone who signed up on my site. Because life is still happening on Haven!

We just have to see what Kade and Kara and Declan and Grace and Ruby and Jack and all the rest of the Haveners are up to, don't we?

Or, maybe learn a little more about their past. (Hanson and Stephanie for example...)

I'm hard at work making the next three books publisher-perfect, so you'll have those coming your way soon, too.

Meanwhile, I send you healthy vibes, happy thoughts, Havenly peace...and I hope you're feeling a little more free and easy yourself these days.

More soon,


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