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The Best Laid Plans

Um...I think it's safe to say that 2020 is not going as planned for any of us.

As things disappear from the calendar like life is a giant wipe-able white board, my kids and I are calling this The Invisible Year. Good-bye school. Good-bye vacations. Good-bye 8th grade trip and soccer games and summer camp.

And yet, we're all handling it surprisingly well.

Our first punch-in-the-gut disappointments came with the canceling of not one beach vacation, but two, scheduled for April of this year. The pressing of the "cancel" button for the flights and reservations felt physically painful. Not to mention heart-sinkingly sad.

But, I knew it was all with good reason -- to keep people safe and alive.

So, we pushed aside our disappointment, moved to acceptance, and went on with life as we now know it: from our homes and couches, neighborhoods and dog walks, FaceTimes and Zooms.

Simple, quiet, redundant days all blending into each other, yet each speeding by ridiculously fast.

But, of course, I've always had Haven. Where life is going on as usual -- with open bars, birthday parties, town hall meetings and sweet romance.

And I've been SOOOO excited to bring my little island to you, so you can have a haven of your own.

The plan was to release the first book TODAY, May 15, 2020.

But damn that 2020. It threw a curveball yet again.

I'm still planning on releasing it in May, but today is not the day. There have been hiccups in getting it just right and out into the world.

You wouldn't know it by looking at my house right now, but I am a perfectionist in some ways. And I am combing over every detail of Sheltered in Haven so it's pretty, polished, publishable and practically perfect in every way.

So, I am sincerely sorry that my plan to get this book to you today didn't happen as scheduled, but I promise with cross-my-heart-pinky-swear-hand-on-the-Bible honesty that I am getting it to you as fast as I possibly can.

I still can't wait to get you to Haven ALL SUMMER LONG.

So hold on to your ferry tickets.

You're almost there!!

More details soon.

Much gratitute to you.

And always sending prayers that you stay safe and sane!



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