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 Book Club Pick? 

Thank you for choosing Sheltered in Haven for your book club!

I know there are countless choices out there and feel so appreciative you took the time to get to know the people of Haven-on-the-Lake. 

Below are some discussion questions to get the conversation going.

Enjoy and have fun!


Have you ever visited a tourist town/island similar to Haven-on-the-Lake?


How would you feel about living in an island town similar to Haven? What would you enjoy? What would you dislike?


Who was your favorite character? Why?


Who was your least favorite? Why?


Were there any storylines, relationships, or standout sentences that struck a chord with you?


If Haven was a real island, what building/business would you most want to visit and why?


If you were in Ruby's position, would you have heeded Paul's advice to close the island that early, even if the rest of the country was still functioning as usual?


What would you do if you had the power to make decisions for your community, state, or country during a pandemic?

Do think the Immunity Community is a good idea overall? Why or why not?


If you were in Ruby's position, what new precautions would you take, if any, as the Survivors arrive on the island?


Based on Paul's opinion that monitoring island arrivals is the best way to keep Haveners protected, would you, as a resident, be receptive to the Immunity Community?


As a Survivor, would you want to be a member of the Immunity Community? Why or why not?


During the 2020 lockdown, what changes affected your life the most?


Similarly, as a Survivor what element(s) of normalcy would you most look forward to once arriving on Haven?


While this is a life-changing career move for Grace, she is emotionally torn. "Her dreams are about to come true while other people are dying. It's like a windfall of dirty money." What do you think the internal and external struggles will be as the Survivors arrive? 


What do you think the internal/external struggles will be for the Haveners?


Paul is supportive of the Immunity Community for the benefits it will bring Haven, yet does not believe this is the best place for Georgia's family in a health crisis. And he still has other "demons to fight." What do you think those additional issues are?

Whose future/storyline are you most curious about? Who are you most concerned about?


Did the ending surprise you? (we'll leave out the details here to avoid spoilers!)


What is your hope for that relationship going forward, considering the other factors involved?


Are there are any lingering questions from the book you're still thinking about?


If you could ask the author anything, what would it be?


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